2018_11_25__house warming
  • Andrea Abegg Serrano
    Andrea Abegg Serrano
  • Kevin Aeschbacher
  • Maria Arnold & Nico Sebastian Meyer
  • Brigham Baker
  • Magdalena Baranya
  • Simon Bachmann
  • Donatella Bernardi
  • Clifford E. Bruckmann
  • Isabell Bullerschen
  • Mortimer Chen
  • William E-Cheeze Drury
  • Alan Ebnother
  • Simon Fahrni
  • Ramon Feller
  • Adrien Flament
  • Dennis Fuchs
  • Philipp Frisch & Karolin Brägger
  • Selina Grüter & Michèle Graf
  • Bernhard Hegglin
  • Jan Hofer
  • Yoichi Iwamoto
  • Cathrin Jarema
  • Dijan Kahrimanovic
  • Chantal Kaufmann
  • Daniel V. Keller
  • Lily Koper & Hester Koper
  • Manuela Koska
  • Karin Kurzmeyer
  • Jusun Lee
  • LONGTANG (Anne Gruber, Asia Kaspar, Tobias Kaspar, Emil Michael Klein, Ludovica Parenti)
  • Martina Mächler
  • Patrick Cipriani & Björn Magnusson
  • Jiří Makovec
  • Vinzenz Meyner
  • Valentina Minnig
  • Thomas Moor
  • pfeffermint GmbH
  • Natalie Price Hafslund
  • Jack Pryce
  • Christina Renggli
  • Simon Risi
  • Sergio Rojas Chavez
  • Mia Sànchez
  • Sebastian Schaub
  • Anne Schmidt
  • Anita Semadeni
  • Pascal Sidler
  • Barbara Signer
  • Nadja Solari
  • Muriel Steiner
  • Valentina Stieger
  • Aurélie Strumans
  • Miriam Sturzenegger
  • Ariane Vonmoos
  • Tim Wandelt
  • Daniel Wyder
  • Jiajia Zhang
  • Julia Znoj
with contributions by: Andrea Abegg Serrano, Kevin Aeschbacher, Maria Arnold & Nico Sebastian Meyer, Brigham Baker, Magdalena Baranya, Simon Bachmann, Donatella Bernardi, Michael Bodenmann, Clifford E. Bruckmann, Isabell Bullerschen, Mortimer Chen, William E-Cheeze Drury, Alan Ebnother, Nina Emge, Simon Fahrni, Ramon Feller, Adrien Flament, Dennis Fuchs, Philipp Frisch & Karolin Brägger, Selina Grüter & Michèle Graf, Bernhard Hegglin, Jan Hofer, Yoichi Iwamoto, Cathrin Jarema, Dijan Kahrimanovic, Chantal Kaufmann, Daniel V. Keller, Tim Kils & Martin Kugelmeier, Lily Koper & Hester Koper, Manuela Koska, Karin Kurzmeyer, Jusun Lee, LONGTANG (Anne Gruber, Asia Kaspar, Tobias Kaspar, Emil Michael Klein, Ludovica Parenti), Martina Mächler, Björn Magnusson & Patrick Cipriani, Jiří Makovec, Vinzenz Meyner, Dominic Michel, Valentina Minnig, Thomas Moor, Angela Osterwalder & Sergio Araya, pfeffermint GmbH, Natalie Price Hafslund, Jack Pryce, Christina Renggli, David Renggli, Simon Risi, Sergio Rojas Chavez, Mia Sánchez, Sebastian Schaub, Anne Schmidt, Anita Semadeni, Pascal Sidler, Barbara Signer, Nadja Solari, Muriel Steiner, Valentina Stieger, Aurélie Strumans, Miriam Sturzenegger, Ariane Vonmoos, Tim Wandelt, Eugen Wist, Daniel Wyder, Jiajia Zhang, Julia Znoj.

With special and extraordinary thanks to Yoichi Iwamoto (http://iwamotoyoichi.com @yoichiiiwamoto) and Francesca Ferrari (http://francesca-ferrari.com @22n23) for the photography!

Also, thank you ‚Käpt’n Balu’ for the amazing drone piloteering!


We recently decided to start a new exhibition program bearing the name „Hamlet“. The program is centered around, but not limited to, wonderful rooms located on a rooftop at Dörflistrasse 67 in Zürich-Oerlikon. It is a particularly interesting location due to the ongoing changes in Zürich-Oerlikon. The space is located at the border of the old village center (from before Oerlikon was annexed and incorporated into the city of Zurich) and the newer and ever-developing corporate-expat-theme park, spanning all the way to Glattpark and Opfikon. This location gives our program an overlying complex of topics by allowing us to investigate, on a very broad scale, moments of transformation and change; this might involve generational, architectural, personal or other forms of transformation, change and movement.

It was a rather spontaneous decision to commence this program, but we are comitted to making it a place also for our friends, new ones and old.

The block that Hamlet is a part of used to be farmland until as recently as the early 1970s. City planning and architectural decisions led to the block becoming habitable on the current scale for humans and we would like to inform a minor architectural decision as part of a symbolic gesture. Our space is surrounded by a balcony, which the owner of the building does not allow to be used due to missing handrails and subsequent security concerns. However, we do not want to be wasteful with the wonderful opportunity we were given and would like to invite the space to be used. Given the circumstances, we thought of a species which could occupy and use the space denied to us humans: birds.

Thanks to our most generous friends and families a multiple and layered house warming will take place on the afternoon of November 25th 2018 from 2-6pm.

(The contributions will be accessible by appointment only: hello@hamlet.love)