2019_03__keren cytter - size matters | cytter / roebas - detour

Opening: June 5th 2019, 6-8pm
Exhibition: June 6th - July 14th 2019

Special Opening Hours:
June 8th, 12-5pm
June 9th, 12-5pm

Opening Hours

left image: Keren Cytter, Bart, 2018, Colored Pencil and Pen on Paper, 45.5cm x 45.5.cm, Courtesy of the Artist
right image: Cytter / Roebas, L ST B T M KE IT FOUN, 2019, Courtesy of the Artists

Hamlet is excited to present the work of Keren Cytter and new sculptures by Cytter / Roebas.
Cytter / Roebas, a collaboration between Keren Cytter and John Roebas.

More information to follow soon.


This exhibition is generously supported by.