guided session 006 Karolin Brägger, Martina Mächler


Opening: Sunday, February 24th 2019, 6pm

On View: February 24th 2019

All photos courtesy of the artists.
Photography: Andrea Abegg Serrano, Cathrin Jarema & Clifford E. Bruckmann

Karolin Brägger and Martina Mächler started collaborating on the guided sessions, a project consisting of different episodes, in 2017.
After stumbling upon meditative youtube-videos where predominantly male voices are guiding listeners into a more successful life, they decided to write alternative sessions in order to question the never-ending self-improvement cycles and investigate the imagery of nature inherent in self-care practices.

guided session 006 by Karolin Brägger and Martina Mächler will take place on February 24th at 6pm in the course of the exhibition do ghosts still believe in us? by Martina Mächler. The exhibition runs through March 3rd 2019.

Martina Mächler, *1991
lives and works in Zurich

Karolin Brägger, *1993
lives and works in Vienna and Zurich