due to circumstance Paula Almiron, Eliane Bertschi, Luca Büchler, Asia Dellanoce Naar, Selini Demetriou, Darius Dolatyari-Dolatdoust, Nina Emge, Lara Ferrari, Cathrin Jarema, Dijan Kahrimanovic, Johanna Kotlaris, Laura Lulika & Hang Linton, Carolina Mendonça, Sveta Mordovskaya, Barbara Signer, Ilona Stutz, Lauryn Youden


Opening: Monday, December 21st 2020

On View: December 21st 2020 – December 21st 2021

Installation View - due to circumstance

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Dear Friends,

We hope you’re well.

Apparently 2020 wasn’t a great year - news, opinion pieces, lifestyle magazines and memes keep letting us know as much. Although we start this letter with pointing it out again, we don’t want to double down on this assessment too much. Rather, we would like to look within and look ahead with the knowledge and experiences gained in the past, distant and not so distant.

In times in which we seem to have to rely more on ourselves to pass time and keep ourselves content, engaged and sane it might be helpful for some to establish habits, new routines or rituals of sorts in order to perform care – no matter if for one’s self and/or for others.

We invited 18 artists to share with us their ritual experiences and stories. Due to circumstance – a collection of a total of 18 contributions – will be published online next Monday, December 21st 2020. With confidence in the upcoming solstice and within the frame of comforting rituals, we hope to create a glimpse at a silver lining on the horizon of 2020.

All the best,

  • Paula Almiron, *1986, lives and works in Brussels
  • Eliane Bertschi, *1990 in Aarau, lives and works in Brussels and Aarau
  • Luca Büchler, *1996, lives and works in Zurich
  • Asia Dellanoce Naar, *1996, lives and works in Zurich and Lucerne
  • Selini Demetriou, *1982 in Zurich, lives and works in Winterthur and Napoli
  • Darius Dolatyari-Dolatdoust, *1994, lives and works in Brussels
  • Nina Emge, *1995 in Zurich, lives and works between Berlin and Zurich
  • Lara Ferrari, *1990, lives and works in Brussels
  • Cathrin Jarema, *1989 in Zurich, lives and works in Zurich and Brussels
  • Dijan Kahrimanovic, *1990, lives und works in Küssnacht am Rigi
  • Johanna Kotlaris, *1988, lives and works in Zurich
  • Laura Lulika & Hang Linton
  • Carolina Mendonça, *1984 in São Paulo, lives and works in Brussels
  • Sveta Mordovskaya, *1989 in Ulan-Ude, lives and works in Vienna
  • Barbara Signer, *1982 St. Gallen, lives and works in St. Gallen und Zurich
  • Ilona Stutz, *1987, lives and works in Zurich and Berne
  • Lauryn Youden, lives and works in Berlin